Case Studies

Chemical Leasing can be applied in many industries and processes, ranging from car manufacturing to cleaning operations, wastewater treatment, textiles, beverage and food production (See Table 1 below). Since 2005, pilot projects have been conducted in Latin and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Nowadays, more than 100 companies worldwide have included Chemical Leasing in their business strategies. The best practice examples from companies and the feedback provided by independent evaluation experts prove that Chemical Leasing:

  • Is relevant for Industry
  • Supports Sustainability
  • Has a high potential of global replicability and
  • Has a direct impact on production processes.


A Ugandan beverage company introduced Chemical Leasing for bottle washing and conveyor lubrication. Chemical consumption was reduced by 40 and 48 %, respectively, and the water and energy demand decreased significantly.

A Serbian confectionary producer uses Chemical Leasing in the bonding process of packaging. Over 30 % of adhesives and 50 % of energy could be saved due to the introduction of a more efficient adhesive and an optimised process.

A large manufacturer of electric equipment in Egypt applied Chemical Leasing for its powder coating operations. This resulted in a 20 % reduction of powder coating applied, 5 % less waste and an improved energy managament system.