Sustainability Criteria

In line with the concept of sustainable development which became common language at the World’s first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, it is UNIDO's interest to ensure that all Chemical Leasing activities follow the principles of sustainability. In response, detailed Chemical Leasing Sustainability Criteria have been developed that must be fulfilled by projects in order to be considered as "Chemical Leasing" case. Five criteria were formulated by international Chemical Leasing experts as a result of the first national Chemical Leasing initiative driven by the German Federal Environment Agency in 2009.

  1. Reduction of adverse impacts for environment, health, energy and resource consumption caused by chemicals and their application and production processes
  2. No substitution of chemicals by substances with a higher risk
  3. Improved handling and storage of chemicals to prevent and minimize risks
  4. Economic and social benefits are generated; a contract should contain the objective of continuous improvements and should enable a fair and transparent sharing of the benefits between the partners
  5. Monitoring of the improvements needs to be possible

It is in the interest of all involved partners that a chemical leasing approach follows high-quality standards. The set of sustainability criteria has proven to be very helpful not only for evaluating Chemical Leasing pilot projects after implementation but also in the negotiation and start-up phase before implementation at the company level.

The  Chemical Leasing Sustainability Criteria have been specified and made operational by developing sub-criteria and indicators which are available in form of the Indicator Checklist and aim to: 

  • support to conduct a first assessment of indicators of Chemical Leasing activities and to document the UNIDO Global Chemical Leasing Award application. 
  • point/show the necessary data to conduct such a sustainability check 
  • support in quantifying sustainability performance regarding the five sustainability criteria.