SMART 5 and Indicator Checklist

The sustainability criteria for Chemical Leasing make an important contribution to the quality assurance of Chemical Leasing applications. They help to define and differentiate the business model from other service models that, for example, do not focus on reducing negative environmental and health impacts. In practice, it has also been shown that the criteria require a sufficient description to allow for a verification of their fulfilment. 

Aiming to have such a concrete description, the Chemical Leasing Sustainability Criteria have been specified and made operational by developing sub-criteria and indicators which are available in form of the Indicator Checklist  as well as the Excel-based tool SMART 5*. 

To verify the compliance of applications with the sustainability criteria and sub-criteria for Chemical Leasing, quantitative indicators that facilitate easy data collection are helpful. Besides, qualitative indicators are needed to show non-measurable effects.

The goal of the indicators is a standardised review of Chemical Leasing contracts regarding their observance of the sustainability criteria. This helps companies to maintain a high standard of the business model and its applications.


Indicator Checklist


* Both tools are developed by the German Environment Agency together with cooperation partners.